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     Best Contractor Worksite Competition in Q4 2004
     Signed of contract for the supply of converter ...
     "XD" 500kV SF6 Dead Tank Circuit Breakers & Swi...
     “XD”500kV Transformers Entering Overseas Mark...
     A senior delegation from EEHC enterprises paid ...
     CLP 2005-2010 Substation Project(04T)Contract S...
     Leyte-Bohol Interconnection Project,the BEST PR...
    Established in 1986, Xian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.
    (“Xian Electric” for short) is an enterprise controlled by China Xian Electric Group, engaging in export and international project contracts. While our strengths lie in the manufacture of high and ultra-high voltage transmission and distribution equipment and the contracting of large-scale “tu...
            Contact Us

    Xian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Xian Head Quarter
    Address: No. 7 Tangxing Road, Xi'an , Shaanxi, P.R.China 710075
    Tel : +86-29-88312666
    Fax No. : +86-29-88832200
    E-mail :xemc@xianelectric.com.cn

    CopyRight ? 2013 Xian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved


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